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img_0706Hey, stranger! My name is Katya, but friends call me Katyusha. Not that it’s shorter, but it’s definitely nicer LOL I love me some freshly baked cookies, am highly suspicious about peanut butter (it’s not that popular in Russia) and hate prickly wood socks. Events are my profession, and my life is all about impressions. I pick the best of them from places I visit and plait them into my events. I love to create pleasant memories for you, and I love to make your dreams come true. Hmm, it sounds like I’m a wizard or something? Well, I guess there’s some magic in the Art of Events after all :D

I’ve been a wizard in Event more than ten years now. That’s a huge period of time for someone to gain their experience (for someone who loves cookies especially LOL). Through the years I’ve planned hundreds of events, have gotten thousands of feedbacks and have had billions of ideas. But what’s more important, that time taught me where to wait unexpectedness from, taught me how to predict it. Having an event profession means having the circle of acquaintances that widens constantly. At some point, you find yourself helping those acquaintances with your advice or even with your services. So I thought it’d be useful to have all this experience, all the data, stored in one place, in a library of sorts, that had a constant address and didn’t close on Sundays. That was an idea behind this website. It was designed as a treasure box, as a manual, as a business card of mine, your personal wizard event assistant.

I don’t just promote my services here, I’m also quite ready to give you some great advices and tips on event planning. I’m also here to simply cheer you up if some of your events went wrong. It works like that: you’re messaging me and I’m trying to help you.

I’ve also got a dream team of professionals that work in Event business, from photographers to stylists, that are always ready to help you to get some of greatest impressions and pleasant memories :D




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Exploring Russia has been a thing lately. Well, thank god for that! I mean we have a huge country to explore, and the more we travel the more touristic places appear…



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