Corporate events


The most important part of any corporate event is the idea of said event. Everybody can come up with something fantastic and mind-blowing, but only professional event manager (I’m talking about myself here, you see) is able to tell you which idea will thrive and which will die in agony. Each corporate event (internal/external) should give you the maximum efficiency, but to increase customers/employees loyalty you need an event that is planned and hosted impeccably.

I did exactly that for OCS Distribution, which is still very dear to me, for sex years straight. OCS is a huge multiregional IT distribution company with thousands of partners and thousands of employees. I organized more than two hundreds OCS corporate events in Russia, North America, Europe, and Middle East, including conferences, exhibitions, incentive travels, concert attendances, sport events. I dealt with 100000 USD budgets. All of this is my experience, which I can use organizing the corporate event of your dream :D

Corporative Insentive Conference Sporting events

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