Family Events

weddingI live to create unique events, filled with beauty and kindness of a heart, because that’s the ones that leave you being warm and fuzzy. Although sometimes they also make you break into a cold sweat; we’re talking about event budget here, if you know what I mean. Well, let’s make it official: I always follow the “maximum done, minimum payed” rule. And believe me, I can tell you for sure which compromise is needed and which is dangerous and can bring you down. A good event manager is never known till needed, as they say :p I know all the traps of event organizing so I really can help you to save your money.

So I take it you want to organize your family event yourself nevertheless? That’s totally okay with me, I’m more than ready to give you some important tips on the matter! Let’s schedule a meeting, shall we? I’ll make a little presentation for you, and then you’ll act on your own.

Do you have your wedding in a month? Do you want to engage yourself in a wedding rings hunting and find someone who can take the organization of your event over? Do you need someone who’s professional and caring enough to make it perfect without you being involved in the organizational mess? Well, I’m here! My colleagues and I are always at your service. I myself am an experienced toastmaster by the way.

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