Golden Ring

golden_ringGolden Ring is an absolute favorite of both Russian and foreign tourists. Within the tour, you visit five cities: Vladimir, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, and Suzdal. It gives you a unique opportunity to see a part of authentic Russia and learn some new things about Russian culture, which to be honest has nothing to do with baroque of St.Pete. The air here is crisp and fresh; the horizon is built by ascetic and slender churches; the land is covered with narrow rivers and channels. The mornings here are filled with ringing bells, leaving for the evenings the steam of Russian baths. They drink a homemade vodka here, and go for a walk in the groves and meadows. Have you ever heard about the mysterious Russian soul? Well, you can see it, you can even touch it, being here, in the heart of Russia.

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